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About Me

latishaI am a thirty-two year old woman, married 9 years and a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of four gorgeous, sweet and smart children. I am the eldest of five siblings. My parents divorced when I was six years old.

My hobbies are writing especially poetry, blogging, reading, scrapbooking, photography, painting, collecting (postcards, souvenirs, teddy-bears, calendars) and more.

My dreams are to one day be a best-selling author (inspirational and personal growth), travel the world and take magnificent pictures, own an influential Christian magazine, print and sell my own line of greeting cards and calendars, to live a happy and comfortable life, to bless others in whatever way I can, and to love and raise happy, healthy children, who will be a blessing to the lives of others.

Mostly I desire to grab every opportunity, live every moment, smile every smile, laugh every laugh, cry every cry, use every talent, say everything that needs to be said, stand up for what I believe, live a life pleasing to God and change the world around me one moment at a time.





Hope you enjoy this site.


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