A daily energizing routine of Breath work, Affirmations, Meditation, Visualization and Progressive Relaxation will help you meet each day more Bold, Awesome, Motivated, Vibrant and Powerful.

A 5 Minute Morning Meditation to Lift Your Spirits and Put a Smile On Your Face

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Set your alarm five minutes earlier tomorrow. When you get up, find a quiet place to sit and gaze out a window. Look up at the sky. Really notice the color and expanse. Follow the shape and movement of the clouds.

Let your thoughts drift as you enjoy the morning stillness. This is your time to focus on what is good in your life – not the worries of yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Begin your meditation by focusing on your breathing. The rhythmic rise and fall of your breath. Since breathing has a strong effect on emotional change, it is a natural bridge to begin to meditate. Slow measured breathing has a calming effect.

Gently close your eyes and tune into your body. A word will come to you that describes what you are feeling. Calm, relaxed, peaceful, happy, confident. That is your relaxation keyword. Spread the word throughout your body. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Put your relaxation key word in a phrase that inspires you to handle stress differently today. For example, “I am calm and relaxed” when you are feeling tense and anxious. Use this phrase whenever you need it throughout the day.

*Inhale slowly and mentally repeat, “I live with a happy heart, a peaceful mind and a playful spirit”. Stay with it for a minute or two. Inhale deeply and in the privacy of your own mind quietly shout, “I deserve health and happiness!”

Just before you are ready to open your eyes, begin to stimulate that positive energy that is a smile by recalling something you enjoy. Something that makes you feel good. Let the corners of your mouth turn up. Smile. Send this smiling energy into every bone and every organ and every nerve and every cell in your body.

Now take that smiling energy up into your heart.

Decide what you would like to take with you into your day. Something of a positive, inspiring nature. Open your eyes and start a day you look forward to!


*From Quantum Focusing – Finding the Zone by Michael Ellner and Alan Barsky.

Barbara Mitchell DCH is a Stress Management Consultant, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and author of “When You Need a Timeout” a self-help guide of relaxation and energy exercises, motivational examples, diet and pampering tips for women coping with stress, burnout, illness and disease. Won “Finalist “Women’s Issues” National Indie Excellence Book Awards and Global eBook Awards. The companion CD “Just Relax Like This” features the top five relaxation techniques to be a more vibrant person (BAM VP).
Dr. Barbara has a consulting practice in New Jersey where she helps clients resolve stress related personal, emotional, job burnout,anxiety and trauma issues. See her full bio at http://www.thecalmingbreath.com.