“Love at the Christmas Table” – Lifetime

Starring- Danica Mckellar, Dustin Milligan, Scott Patterson, Lea Thompson

Premiered Date- November 25th, 2012


This movie reminds me of one or two or maybe more movies that I have watched in my life, where it takes two people who are clearly perfect for each other, a lifetime to get together.


This told a story over about thirty years, of two best friends (played by Danica Mckellar and Dustin Mulligan) who have come together almost every Christmas eve of their life; what happens in between, I’m not sure.


Honestly, some of the dialogue went over my head a bit, but it was alright to watch. I can’t believe how young Danica Mckellar (former Wonder Years child star) looks in this film and she manages to play a teenager very convincingly as well.


The way the story is told, you don’t really get to know the characters enough to invest in them that much. You see mostly brief scenes of pointless interactions from year to year. Nevertheless, there is a very sweet dance scene between the two that anyone who likes that kind of stuff (I’m talking about me) would enjoy. Lea Thompson also plays a lovely role in this film and her character I enjoyed very much, especially when consoling Kat (Mckellar) one Christmas when Sam brings home a new wonderful girlfriend.


There was a fight scene between Kat and Sam at one point that was very intense, where I wondered where all that anger and animosity came from all of a sudden, because you didn’t see it coming.


love at the Christmas tableThen they bring it all together with a marriage proposal, actually two really sweet marriage proposals. It just all happens too fast and too slow at the same time, make sense? Okay, what I mean is the relationship is about thirty years in the making, but for the watcher the story just goes too fast and all over the place.


Nevertheless, I was somewhat entertained, but it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie that I’d be interested in watching again and again. I’m not even interested in watching it a second time, but I don’t hate it though. You decide and tell me what you think?