Saturday, May 14th, 2016

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How’s it going? Hope all is well. Thanks for coming out to another week of TGI Saturdays. It’s our 68th party. Wow!

Well, this post you are reading today is a pre-scheduled post I prepared and scheduled since January. I’m actually on newborn baby mommy duty right now.

I would like to welcome a Guest Blogger today. I’m sure most of you probably know her or have read some of her inspirational blog posts while circulating the blog hop/link party world. If you don’t know her, you really should get to know her. She is what you’d definitely call a kind blogger. She encourages others and writes words that uplifts and teaches her readers.

So without further ado, please enjoy “The ABC’s of Motherhood” by Michelle of Grammie Style. Thanks Michelle for sharing with us today.




Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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ABC's of Motherhood
As mothers, we have many roles to play. From teacher, babysitter, housekeeper, chauffeur and a dozen others, we are constantly trying to improve our mothering skills. When something is not working in one area, we switch gears and try something else. At times, we are so exhausted, we lose the motivation to keep trying.

For all the moms out there who need a few inspiring words to keep doing what you do best, I’m pulling out the “teacher” in me and sharing ABC’s of Motherhood, Grammie style.

Acceptance: Accept your child for who they are
Brave: Be brave, at times they will wear you down
Communication: Never assume; ask questions, discuss answers, open communication
Discipline: Let your YES be yes, your NO be no, consistency
Express: Never be afraid to tell them how you feel
Forgive: Always
Grace: With every act of grace, your children gain a touch more love
Humor: Keep a sense of it
Imagination: Allow your children to dream
Joy: It’s in the little things
Kisses: Give them freely, silly, frequently
Listen: Hear what they are saying
Model: Your children are watching
Nurture: Yourself and your family
Optimistic: Show it
Prayer & Patience: Both are a necessity in parenting
Quiet Times: It is okay to ask for it
Remember: They grow up, fast.
Sleep: Put them in their own beds early on for everyone’s benefit
Tenderness/Transparent: Give it, Be it.
Understand: You are not superwoman; she does not exist
Value: Yourself, your spouse, your children
Warrior: Fight for them, be their advocate when needed
X-tra Time: You need time away, schedule it frequently
Yearn for peace: Especially on stressful days, find your happy place
Zealous: You can be a zealous woman and mother

Now you know your ABC’s, won’t you come along and embrace the journey of motherhood!


community question

Which of these ABC’s do you feel you are stronger and/or weaker at?

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