A Hallmark Christmas (2015) Weekly- Week Two!

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A Hallmark Christmas (2015) Weekly- Week Two!

Hallmark Weekly

Hi Friends,

Thanks for checking out week two of “A Hallmark Christmas (2015) Weekly.” I hope you enjoyed last week’s edition. If you didn’t get to catch that one and you’d like to check it out, here’s the link. If you are a “Hallmarky” (Hallmark lover), Christmas movie lover and you love watching Hallmark Christmas movies every Christmas season, this is the right post for you. Here you can have a little Hallmark Christmas movie fun in all kinds of ways. So please enjoy and feel free to let me know if you did via the comment box below. Blessing to you and happy “Countdown to Christmas.”

New This Week

Nov 14-15 Hallmark Movie Collage

I’m Not Ready For Christmas – Hallmark Channel, Saturday, November 14th, 8/7 c

Christmas Incorporated – Hallmark Channel , Sunday, November 15th, 8/7 c

Other Christmas Favorites

Christmas Song -Nov 14th (6 A.M),

Window Wonderland- Nov 14th (10 A.M), Nov 15th (12 A.M),

Ice Sculpture Christmas – Nov 14th (12 P.M), Nov 19th (6 P.M)

Charming Christmas- Nov 14th (2 P.M), Nov 16th (10 P.M), Nov 18th (6 P.M)

Christmas at Cartwrights – Nov 14th (4 P.M)

A Very Merry Mix Up – Nov 14th (6 P.M), Nov 15th (8 A.M), Nov 18th (12 A.M, 8 P.M)

A Princess for Christmas- Nov 14th (10 P.M), Nov 15th (10 A.M)

Thanksgiving House – Nov 15th (6 A.M), Nov 16th (2 A.M), Nov 20th (8 A.M)

‘Tis the Season for Love – Nov 15th (12 P.M)

Angels Sing- Nov 16th (12 A.M, 6 P.M)

And much, much more- See this week’s full schedule here

Hallmark trivia

Quiz 2

1.) Who played the angel in the Hallmark 1999 Christmas movie “A Season for Miracles”
a.) Roma Downey  b.) Patty Duke  c.) Doris Roberts  d.) Meredith Baxter

2.) In the 2008 Hallmark Christmas movie “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” what was the occupation of the female lead’s fiance?
a.) Jeweler  b.) Police Chief  c.) Chef  d.) Real Estate Agent

3.) In “Christmas at Cartwrights” (2014), what was the job of the female lead (Alicia Witt) for most of the movie?
a.) Santa Claus  b.) Mrs. Claus  c.) Gift Wrapper  d.) Store Manager

4.) The female lead in the Hallmark t.v series “When Calls the Heart,” can also be found in which one of these Christmas movies?
a.) The Christmas Ornament  b.) Trading Christmas   c.) Christmas Under Wraps  d.) A Cookie Cutter Christmas

5.) Which one of the following Hallmark movies did Actress Sarah Lancaster from this year Hallmark Christmas movie premiere “Tis the Season For Love” did not appear?
a.) Let it Snow  b.) Along Came the Nanny c.) Fir Crazy  d.) Looking for Mr. Right

6.) In the Hallmark 2014 Christmas movie “One Starry Christmas” the female and male lead first meet ?
a.) At the mall   b.) On a blind date  c.) At an Observatory  d.) On a bus

7.) In the 2012 Hallmark Christmas movie “Help For the Holidays” the female lead (Summer Glau) was….
a.) an elf  b.) a nanny  c.) Santa Claus’ daughter  d.) an angel

8.) In which one of the following Hallmark Christmas movies did the couple who played the parents of the female lead, also played a t.v couple in a 1980’s sitcom?
a.) The Christmas Card  b.) What I Did For Love  c.) A Holiday Engagement  d.) Naughty or Nice (2012)

9.) Someone in one of these Christmas movies wanted to deep fry a turkey, which movie was this?
a.) Holiday Engagement b.) Hitched For the Holidays c.) A Family Thanksgiving d.) The Thanksgiving House

10.) In the Hallmark 2014 Christmas movie “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” what Christmas song did the two little girls sing in the first scene of the movie?
a.) Silent Night   b.) O Holy Night  c.) Angels We Have Heard on High  d.) The First Noel

Print Trivia          See Answers

movie thoughts


Ice Sculpture Christmas

Premiered- Saturday, November 7th, Hallmark Channel

Starring- Rachel Boston

This was a nice Christmas movie. It was one of those Hallmark Christmas movies, as both my dad and my husband pointed out to me, that’s not a very Christmassy Christmas move, just a regular story line held at Christmastime. However it was an interesting story line anyway and you even learn a little bit about Ice Sculpting.

Rachel Boston was the female lead in the film. I have enjoyed watching her very much in the made for t.v movies I have seen her in before, especially “Holiday High School Reunion.” Most of her roles have portrayed her as a very happy and confident young woman trying to navigate her way through the path life is setting out for her. I love her spirit in these roles and wonder what she is like in real life. Her characters often seem like someone I’d love to be friends with.

Overall, there is not that much to talk about where this Christmas film is concerned. I could describe everything in these two words, it was nice and very sweet. It has a very happy ending too (big shocker).

Warning- we have a little bit of mean girl drama, with an ambitious Sous-chief who doesn’t mind using deceit, manipulation and sabotage to get to the top.

What did you think of this movie?

Bonus Question

Which of the following ice sculptures were the final sculpture carved by the male and female lead of the Hallmark 2015 Christmas movie “Ice Sculpture Christmas?”

a.) Reindeer   b.) Santa Claus   c.) Snow Man   d.) an Angel

Be in the first four to comment the correct answer and win a free e-book copy of my Christmas poetry book “The Spirit of Christmas.”

Charming Christmas


Premiered- Sunday, November 8th, Hallmark Channel

Starring- Julie Benz, David Sutcliffe

I just can’t believe how challenging I am finding it to think up some words to share my thoughts about this one. Some Hallmark movies are very hard to review for me because sometimes nothing much stands out in the story line for me worth talking about. I can review most of these movies by saying it was nice, it was sweet, it was intentionally heartfelt, it was romantic, etc.

It is not very often I get to say it was exciting, it was funny, these characters had great chemistry, I really like this character, this is my favorite scene and stuff like that.

This was one of those Hallmark Christmas movies that was just nice to watch, but not one I’d want to add to my movie collection or even really need to watch again. Don’t get me wrong I did not hate it. I know what to expect from a Hallmark movie, most of the time it is just simple heartwarming, happy ending, heartfelt stuff, movies where your heart could feel safe to watch, in this day and age, safe, clean t.v is okay with me.

Then there are some that you’d just love forever, because it came together perfectly in more ways than one-story telling , characterization, actors, everything. As far as this one goes for me, it was just nice. I wonder what the book was like, it probably is way more interesting than the film.

Nevertheless, I’d like to hear your thoughts on “Charming Christmas.”
Bonus Question

In the Hallmark 2015 Christmas movie “Charming Christmas,” what did the female lead (Julie Benz) take to the Laundromat to be cleaned, when she first met the male lead (Daniel Sutcliffe)?

a.) Santa Claus suit    b.) a favorite red dress  c.) A Mrs.Claus dress  d.) Her favorite red coat

Be in the first four to comment the correct answer and win a free e-book copy of my Christmas poetry book “The Spirit of Christmas.”

made for t.v stars

made for tv stars 2 Collage

“I’m Not Ready Christmas” – Alicia Witt – Backyard Wedding (Hallmark-2010), A Very Merry Mix Up (Hallmark-2013), A Snow Globe Christmas (Lifetime-2013), Christmas at Cartwrights (Hallmark-2014) and more.

“I’m Not Ready Christmas”– George Stults- 7th Heaven (T.V Series), Romantically Speaking (PixL Movie Channel-2015) and more.

“Christmas Incorporated”– Shenae Grimes-Beech- 90210 (T.V Series-2008-2013) and more. N.B- Many of her 90210 co-stars have had Hallmark movies of their own- Rob Estes-The Edge of the Garden (2011) and Sign, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas (2014), AnnaLynne Mccord -The Christmas Parade (2014), Jessica Lowndes (Merry Matrimony-2015) and Lori Loughlin -Garage Sale Mystery (movie series), When Calls the Heart (T.V series) and Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015).

“Christmas Incorporated”– Steve Lund- Best Christmas Party Ever (Hallmark-2014) and more.

Hallmark 5 Star

OneStarryChristmasPosterS3One Starry Christmas- Hallmark Channel- 2014

Starring- Sarah Carter and Damon Runyan

Most Hallmark movies are cliché, predictable, reused mixed-matched story lines and pretty basic in their story-telling and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Most of the time that’s okay with me, although every once a while a movie turns out to be too basic for me. I think that’s when the actors don’t add much quirk and pizzazz to their ordinary roles. Most Hallmark movies, watching them once is good enough for me. That’s why I appreciate that Hallmark keeps us well supplied with new ones all year long, especially at Christmas.

Then they are just some movies I absolutely love and would watch again and again, I’d even add that movie to my personal movie collection. One Starry Christmas, a 2014 Hallmark Christmas movie is definitely one of those movies.

Here’s  what I love about it-

1.) I love the story- this was interesting story-telling

2.) I love the chemistry between the two romantic leads – they made a great couple that you would root for to get together

3.) I loved the actors- I thought Sarah Carter was absolutely beautiful, she had a smile and spirit that lights up a whole scene, and Damon Runyan was an awesome cowboy, one you’d know would be loyal and take care of you if he gave you his heart.

4.) I thought this film just had alot of awesome characters with lots of fun noticeable quirks in it and everyone played their part very well. All the actors in this film did a great job portraying their characters.

5.) This film had plenty scenes and quotes to love and remember-it had dancing, singing, horseback riding, ice skating and so much more.

6.) It was funny too

So if haven’t seen this one yet. Be sure to look out for it on Hallmark channel at various times for the next two months.

Here are the next two showings on Hallmark Channel- Nov 21st (12 A.M & 10 A.M)

Rate that Hallmark Movie

Here are my ratings for Hallmark’s 2015 Christmas movie line up as they premiere each week until Christmas, feel free to share yours too!

* – boring  **- It’s Okay   ***- Typical Hallmark Movie

****- Above Average Hallmark Movie  ***** – Loved it!

1.) Ice Sculpture Christmas-premiered November 7th, 2015 – * * * *

2.) Charming Christmas-premiered November 8th, 2015- * * *

3.) ‘Tis the Season for Love- Premiered November 1st, 2015- *


free weekly downloads

Hallmark Quiz 2
Hallmark Christmas 2015 Weekly Wordsearch-Week 2

Looking to add more Christmas movies to your Christmas movie collection, buy Christmas movies at AllChristmasMovies.com.





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  1. Jade November 14, 2015 at 8:56 am - Reply

    I so want to watch the movies now! Only problem is I’m not sure I can get the Hallmark channel in England? We always love to watch our Christmas favourites but I am forever on the lookout for new good family friendly, uplifting films. Thanks for the recommend.

  2. Misty November 16, 2015 at 6:18 am - Reply

    Reading your blog post caused me to set my DVR to record several upcoming Hallmark movies. I am looking forward to watching Thanksgiving House.

  3. Rhiannon S November 17, 2015 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    This is a fabulous find! I clicked through from Titus2Tuesday and I loved this post! Sadly, we don’t have cable so I can’t indulge in all of the fun, sappy, movies like I would love to. But this post is wonderful! I think it is nice to see another person enjoy Christmas on Hallmark as much as I do. Love this!

  4. Melanie Redd November 18, 2015 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Hey Latisha,

    These look really good! I’m going to have to check out some of these movies!

    Thanks for sharing all of the ideas and reviews!

    I found your post on Wise Woman today.

    I hope you have a blessed day~

  5. susan November 18, 2015 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    I found this post on WFMW.
    I LOVE Christmas movies and watch as many as I can each year.
    Some year I will have to get the Hallmark channel so I can watch all these great selections.

  6. […] fun, so for now this is the next best thing. If you haven’t had a chance to read Week 1 and Week 2, click the links. This Thanksgiving week, they are lots of movies new and old to enjoy, so happy […]

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