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Canceled/Renewed 2010

Here is a list of shows I have been watching this season and shows I’ll be watching this summer. Some made the cut and will be back this fall and others sadly and in some cases not a surprise they did not make it.

Mondays I watch:

The Secret Life of an American Teenager (ABCFAMILY) -renewed- returning this Summer starting June 7th
Make it or Break it (ABCFAMILY)-renewed-returning this summer starting June 28th
10 Things I hate about you -Canceled- I like it, I’m a bit disappointed-but it’s a show I can do without.
Chuck (NBC)-renewed-returning this fall
Castle (ABC)-renewed-returning this fall

Tuesdays I watch:
Glee (FOX)- renewed-returning this fall
The Good Wife (CBS)- renewed-returning this fall
Better Off Ted (ABC)-canceled-it’s ashamed too, thought it was really quirky, unique and funny.
Life Unexpected (THECW)-renewed-returning this fall
Hawthorne-returning this summer starting June 22nd

Wednesdays I watch:
Cougartown-renewed-returning this fall
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (TBS)
Human Target (FOX)-renewed returning this fall
Eastwick-Canceled-Somewhat liked it
Ugly Betty-Loved it very much-sad :(
Leverage- renewed returning this summer starting June 20th
White Collar-renewed returning this summer July 13th.
Psych-renewed returning this summer starting July 21st.

Thursdays I watch:
Vampire Diaries (The CW)- renewed-returning this fall
The Mentalist (CBS)-renewed-returning this fall

Fridays I watched
Merlin (SYFY)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS)-Canceled-i’ll live!
DollHouse- canceled- It really got way over my head

Saturdays I watched
Legend of the Seeker-canceled- I am devastated-really loved this show

Sundays I watched
Sons of Tucsan (FOX)- canceled-I thought it was good, don’t know what happened-it was barely given a chance.
Victorious (Nick)- Recently premiered-really like it-very entertaining.

Other Shows I watch on tv from time to time are:
ICarly- It’s alright- I watch sometimes when taking short tv breaks during the day
True Jackson VP- Same as above
Wizards of Waverly Place- Same as above
Aaron Stone-Same as above
Sonny with a Chance- I think is getting kind of dumb and I may boycott this show all together.
The Troop- same as above
The Suite Life on Deck-is very funny, thanks largely to Dylan and Cole Sprouse
A-Team reruns-Love that show-interested to see the movie.

What do you watch on t.v?

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