Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Murder

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Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Murder

Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Murder, I can’t believe it’s not butter.

Casey Anthony with her defense attorneys,
After nearly six weeks of testimony, a panel of seven women and five men decided that Ms. Anthony did not murder Caylee by dosing her with Chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape and dumping her in a wooded area, as prosecutors claimed. They did, however, find her guilty of lesser charges, of providing false information to law enforcement officers.

I have been following this case from the very start. From the time little Caylee went missing to the moment they found Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY.
Sure the Prosecution’s case was greatly circumstantial.
But what else could have happened to this little Caylee if her mom did not kill her.
Who killed her?
Will we ever know the truth?

This is our judicial system at work.

Can you believe it?
Have you been following this story?
Do you agree with the verdict?
Share your thoughts.

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