CBS Shake Things up a bit with it’s 2010 Fall Line-up. What will you watch?

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CBS Shake Things up a bit with it’s 2010 Fall Line-up. What will you watch?

  Even though CBS is the highest rated television network right now, I don’t follow much of its programming, except The Good Wife (which I really like), The Mentalist (love it), Ghost Whisperer and Accidentally on Purpose (for a while). Anyway, here is their Fall 2010 line-up. I’ll be highlighting what I’ll watch and new shows that seem interesting to me. I’ll be interested in hearing what you’ll be watching too, so drop me a line.  

8pm How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm Rules of Engagement
9pm Two and a Half Men

8pm NCIS
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm The Good Wife

8pm Survivor
9pm Criminal Minds

8pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm $#*! My Dad Says
9pm CSI
10pm The Mentalist

8pm Medium
9pm CSI: New York

8pm The Amazing Race
9pm Undercover Boss
10pm CSI: Miami

I must say I am very surprised about The Ghost Whisperer cancellation, but what can you do. I won’t say the show will be sorely missed, it was entertaining but it wasn’t one of those shows you don’t want to live without. It’s like ok, your canceled, whatever. Shows that I would definitely miss if they were cut would be The Mentalist and The Good Wife. Luckily that isn’t something I have to worry about right now. So I’m good. Not to be a bitch but Accidentally on Purpose deserved to be canceled, it just got really dumb minus the funny, even me, who don’t give up on shows I like so easily, stopped watching, that says a lot in terms of the quality of the show.  Anyway, I’m not disappointed in CBS at all.

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