Election Day

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Election Day

This day is finally upon us; November 4th-Election Day in the U.S.A; after a year of lots of talking, debating, accusing, scrutinizing, arguing, and divided opinions; now it’s time to cast our votes.

            For the first time ever in history in America a black man has been able to capture a major party’s nomination to run for President. For the first time ever in my lifetime; I find myself very interested in politics, very hopeful and extremely inspired by a politician. It feels to me; that finally a “Great One” like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, etc, has emerged in my lifetime and I am so honored that God has put me in the place I am to bare witness.

            I am talking about the extraordinary man that is Barack Obama. I believe everyone knows who he is and what he will be to this country but some fear it, deny it and the enemies attack because someone with these ideals can not be allowed to thrive.

            It is my dream today to write something impactful and inspiring; as inspiring as one of Barrack Obama’s great speeches; so that I would have left my mark on this historical day as well; except as I continue to write I don’t feel that I am hitting the nail on the head.

            However, I hope and pray that America does the right thing and vote for the right person to bring us out of the economic crisis we are in. I believe with every part of my body that the right person for that job is Barack Obama; yes an African-American and I believe everyone knows that, even his opposition. I believe if a man of his character was embodied by whiter skin they wouldn’t be indecision and confusion; most people would know just what they need to do. The Mccain/Palin campaign used every tactic available to them to confuse and distract us; I hope you didn’t fall for it.

            I believe the Obamas’s entire life journey was in preparation for this moment. It is their destiny to be the first black First-Family of America. It is our destiny to witness it, be inspired by it, derive hope from it, learn from it and follow our own path, reach our own destiny and realize our own dreams. When God has ordained a path for you; no earthly beings can come up against you and succeed. So be the greatest “you” you can be and inspire those around you; like Barack and Michelle Obama have inspired the world.

            May God bless you; may all your dreams come true. Start with this step today, go out and vote if you have the right to do so. Those of you, who had the right and surrendered it, shame on you.

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