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I Don’t Feel Poor

imagesReally our family doesn’t have a lot of money at the moment. We’re not suffering, that’s for sure but there are a lot things we wish we could take care of right now, that we just can’t afford to all at once. So we have to tackle our financial needs a bit at a time. Sometimes, that could be frustrating because you want to take care of things right now but you have no choice but to wait.

Nevertheless, I was spending time outside with my family a while ago on a very nice weather day, not too hot, not too cold, just peaceful. I was watching my 8 year old daughter use sidewalk chalk to draw a big “I Love You Mom” note on the ground, my 4 year old son draw a portrait of his family using the same chalk and my 16 month old running around, kicking the ball and picking up sticks. I thought to myself, wow, look at how my children have all grown and I didn’t feel poor at all. I am so thankful for the privilege to see these children grow and develop their skills, character qualities and personalities everyday. I think the job God has entrusted me with is the greatest, most rewarding in the world.

Today, my 4 year old conquered taking off and putting on his clothes himself, more than once. Today, my daughter fixed me a snack during snack time, and my 16 month old sucked a whole Popsicle on his own and I got to be apart of those things. I got to see my 4 year old color the most beautiful pictures and my daughter clean her room in the most meticulous way yesterday to make me proud. I get to teach my children about God everyday and that is my most favorite thing to do. God has shown me what the real riches of life are and I feel very blessed.

It is not always like that, some days my kids are an extra challenge, some days they are cranky or my patience is low. Some days the financial problems do get to me and I get frustrated. Some days I am so tired and I ask myself “What am I doing?” But a day like this reminds me why days like those are worth passing through and God reminds me that days like those are only but a moment.

Sometime between tonight and the next week, I will be bringing a new gift from God into to this world and my family will be a little more richer. Thank you God.

To Jim Bob Duggar (19 Kids and Counting) one of the richest men in America.



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  1. Deborah January 8, 2015 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Well said. It appears I am looking at this late, which means…congratulations on your newest gift from God.

    • Latisha Barker January 8, 2015 at 3:04 pm - Reply

      Thank you very much. He is now three months old and I am just now coming out of newborn baby season. I still feel very blessed.

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