It Takes Two to make a movie Rock!

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It Takes Two to make a movie Rock!

There was Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover; Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks; Julia Roberts and Richard Gere; Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Some couples just go really well together on screen.

This year they have a few couplings that look like they will be mad funny together. I am actually really looking forward to seeing these flicks. Check these trailers out and tell me what you think?

Date Night-Steve Carell and Tina Fey

Great supporting cast too!

Cop Out- Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan

Looks funny!

Knight and Day-Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise might just redeem himself with this one!

The Bounty Hunter-Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler seem to have a thing for playing obnoxious characters lately!

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