It’s February 2009

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It’s February 2009

Today is February the 13th, Friday the thirteenth to be exact. I usually write these types of articles at the beginning of every month, but boy, has my month been something else, a combination of good stuff and not-so good stuff.

            I’m not going to lie to you; so far this year has been somewhat very tough and in other ways it’s been somewhat very blessed. I guess it depends which angle you look at it.

            So during the Christmas holidays until a couple of days ago; I have been feeling great joy because I was pregnant with my second child.

         Twelve weeks later; turns out the pregnancy did not take and I miscarried a month ago. I was a little heartbroken but very hopeful for the future. It’s still very early in the year and there is still a possibility I can be blessed to have two wonderful children (as opposed to only one) to share the holidays (Christmas) with. To make matters worst though; I also chipped one of my front teeth; bummer!  

            On the brighter side; my firstborn and husband are still here; alive and well; and very much a part of my life. My daughter is growing in such an amazing and beautiful way; she is smart, vibrant, healthy, kind, happy, adventurous, active, funny, polite (most of the time), talkative and just an incredible joy to be around. She is also a handful, mind you; but she makes my heart light. I still have a home; a very clean, comfortable, spacious apartment. Our cupboards and fridge are not bare. We still have our warm (or sometimes cold) comfy beds and each other’s arms to sleep in at night.

            Lots of other really good stuff happened in the last two months as well; I met a new friend; I shared breakfast with her at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurant (something I have wanted to do for a very long time) and we are going to the theater to see “Coraline 3D” on Monday (February 16th), I took my daughter for a check-up yesterday and its all good. I faced a fear at Church and came out on top; and something else too, but it’s personal.

            Despite; the hard stuff; we are doing alright; it could be a whole lot worst.  

On the scarier side; I have volunteered myself to assist in rebuilding the Youth Ministry at my Church. No, I don’t really have the experience or credentials for Youth Ministry; but I do have the potential and the heart for it; I do have some experience in dealing with planning youth oriented gatherings; encouraging young people and I am good at one on one conversations.

             Right now; I struggle a lot with the stronghold of fear and anxiety but I am determined not to let that rule my life and keep me from stepping out in faith to be the woman, both God and I know it’s in me to be.

            The first youth meeting was on Saturday, 7th February, ithe theme was “An evening of icebreakers, brainstorming and games.” No one showed but we are not giving up yet. I am confident though, that I did an awesome job of planning a heck of a meeting. If they did show, they would have had a good time. The next meeting is tomorrow on V’day. I am not sure if anyone’s coming but I’ll do my best to plan a fun session if they do. The theme is “Love.”

             This is totally outside my comfort zone but I am excited and scared at the same time to step out in faith and see where the Lord leads me and my family. It will be a blessing to see this Church grow and I would be completely thankful if I am some how an assistance in that journey. So I’ll keep you informed on how this event turns out.

            Okay, on the lighter and more fun side of February; here is what’s coming up in the entertainment bizz (I love entertainment).

            Coming to t.v; Life’s third season premiered; 4th February on NBC at 9 p.m and its still awesome in my opinion. Crews, is a very unique character (my favorite kind); a new Disney channel t.v series for the younger audience and me; starring Demi Levato of Camp Rock fame, called “Sonny with a Chance,” and “The Grammy Awards” premiered on February 8th. On February 11th; new episodes of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” debuted and there will be no new episodes of “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns” (totally hilarious) that night, bummer.

            February 13th (tonight); Fox network will premiere a new series called “Dollhouse,” it sounds very intriguing (to me). Also; this month; a new Disney channel premieres called “Disney XD” with a bunch of action-packed cartoons, movies and tv series; the one I am most interested to see; is a show called “Aaron Stone;” also premiering tonight on Disney Channel at 7 p.m; 

             Two new movies opening this month on Hallmark Channel, has tweaked my interest; one showed Saturday, 7th February at 9 p.m; called the “The Good Witch’s Garden;” featuring Catherine Bell (of “J.A.G” and “Army Wives” fame) and Chris Potter (of “Kung Fu: the legend continues” and “Queer as Folk” fame); a sequel to last year’s “The Good Witch,” then the other debut tomorrow at 9 p.m, called “Before I say I do;” I am a sucker for those kind of “Lifetime/Hallmark” type movies, so sue me!  

            Monday; February 16th; two t.v movies on two kid channels will premiere at 8 p.m; on Nickelodeon, a “High School Musical/American Mall” type musical with mostly newcomers called “Spectacular” and on Disney channel; a Disney all-star movie called “Dadnapped.” They are lots of new stuff coming to t.v this month, but since this is, this site is dedicated to what I’m into and who’s into it with me.

            Coming to theaters this month (the ones that tweaked my interest) are; “Confessions of a Shopaholic” February 13th; “Madea Goes to Jail;” February 20th; “Street Fighter: the legend of Chun Li,” and “Crossing Over,” February 27th. Opened last weekend; “Coraline” “The Pink Panther 2,” “He’s just not that into you,” and “Push.” I mentioned the movies, I would actually go to the theater to see, the others I’ll wait until they come to DVD.

            Speaking of which; coming to DVD this month are; “Zack and Miri make a porno,” “W.” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist,” “Nights in Rodanthe,” “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,” “High School Musical 3” “The Haunting of Molly Hartley,” “Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous,” and more.

            February news so far that have tweaked my interest: I am really disappointed in what has happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna, last weekend,  I am a fan of them both and think they are both young, successful and beautiful; I wish I knew more than just hear-say and allegations, I wish I knew the truth but alas this is not my truth to know, its none of our business really; but I think I speak for most Chris Brown fans when I say we’d be so heart-broken if what they say is true. Even me as an older woman (I’m 26) had a crush on that boy. My heart and prayers are with beautiful Bajan (Barbados-my birthplace) princess Rihanna. 

            There is a new “Maroon 5” type band hitting the scene this March; a new group featuring two of my favorite young male pro-dancers from “Dancing with the Stars;” Mark Ballas and Derek Hough called “Ballas Hough Band,” I heard a few of the tracks and I got to tell you; I don’t like them, I absolutely love them! Check them out .

            I read an article a while back that spoke about one of my favorite shows on t.v “Ugly Betty,” being shelved and their Thursday time slot being replaced with not-that funny and slightly entertaining “Samantha Who?” and new sitcom of internet fame “In the Motherhood.” I wasn’t quite sure what this meant and I did take to heart that the word “shelved,” was used and not that sometimes evil-evil word “cancel,” but I got a little worried about the possibility of losing an incredibly awesome and unique show forever, especially over two mediocre sitcoms that aren’t going to last that long. Don’t get me wrong; I do watch “Samantha Who?” but only if the good stuff aren’t on.  Anyway turns out that “Ugly Betty,” will return this Fall, that’s okay, I’ll wait as long as I don’t have to say goodbye.

            Okay now, this post has gotten way too lengthy; I hope you made it to the end.  More posts to come; I’ll talk about my youth ministry adventures; my most anticipated upcoming movies of 2009, my winter t.v, my life’s journey into the unknown and so much more. Talk to you soon. Keep in touch. Bye.

Dollhouse (Fox)

Spectacular (Nickelodeon)

Dadnapped (Disney)

Disney XD

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