Kaiden’s Second Birthday

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Kaiden’s Second Birthday

Two years ago today, I gave birth to my third child. His name was Kaiden. Five days later, he went to be with the Lord. Even though, I only knew him for a very short time, he forged a big place in my heart that could never be replaced by someone else. It is his special place. I miss him very much and wish I could hold him again.

Today our family is going to have a birthday party for Kaiden. Just the five of us. It is an all day affair. It will be a family fun day. We’ll have a special breakfast, make him a birthday cake, make him birthday cards, look at his pictures, play board games and more. We will celebrate life, love and family in his honor. We will thank God for blessing us with the time we had with him. We will honor Kaiden with our lives, by treasuring all God’s blessings.

KaidenThe Gift

God sent my family a special gift in Two Thousand and Eleven
Wrapped in a little package, straight out of heaven
Little feet, little hands, little fingers, little toes
Little lips, little eyes, little ears, little nose

He did not make a sound, except for one little cry
Then not again till the day he died

This gift in such a quiet, little package
In my life made a huge difference
He thought me to be strong in this sad circumstance

He showed me that there is nothing in this world stronger
than the love of a mother
Who on earth could love a child so deep, not a single other

This gift filled my heart with peace
Filled my soul with strength
Now no matter what challenge life puts before me
I know I can go the length

This gift that God sent to me
Brought joy to my soul
For God’s plan and purpose for his visit
A revelation will someday unfold

He changed my heart
He made me stronger
A victim of fear
I am no longer

Thank you God for this gift and the short time we had
To hold him briefly, for that I’m glad

For that short time, however brief
I celebrate, not wallow in grief


Happy 2nd Birthday Kaiden

We love you and miss you very much.



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