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Let’s Talk Dancing

Well; it’s Dancing with the Stars season 7, cool. I am not going to do too much talking about the show but I’ll just give quick notes of my favorite dances and note-worthy contestants, so far.

Wow, Kim Kardashian has an awesome booty, don’t quite know how to use it but it is quite a fine specimen. I think Cody Linley is a lot of fun to watch, Rocco Dispirito is cute, wish he could dance better, so I can look at him as long as possible. Warren Sapp and Maurice Green are fun and lovable. Susan Lucci (also too skinny) and Toni Braxton need to relax a bit more and enjoy the moments. Lance Bass and his partner Lacey are funky. Cloris Leachman is crazy. Misty-May Treanor and Brooke Burke are contenders. Here is my favorite dance and Kim’s booty from last week.

Rocco is so lovable, sweet and sexy. I love a man who can cook too

Kim’s Booty

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