Lyrical Hip-Hop Dance at it’s best

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Lyrical Hip-Hop Dance at it’s best

This is definitely one of the most riveting dances I have ever witnessed in my life. I love the choreography, I love the song, I love the dancers and I especially love the show “So you think you can dance.”

This is my first time ever witnessing Lyrical Hip-Hop style dance; the dancers Chelsie and Mark; as well as the Choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo have done a great job of convincing me that I am a fan of them as well as this dance style.

I also think Chelsie and Mark are the dancers to beat in this competition; they are very strong dancers, great entertainers and have excellent chemistry. I must admit this is the first season I have ever seen of “So you think you can dance,” so I really don’t know what is to come on the show and if dancers compete as individuals or as a couple but I do know together these two dancers are unstoppable and they can dance whatever dance style is requested of them.


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