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Speaking of Dancing…..

I love the arts in all its forms; this includes dancing; I love dance movies; dance t.v and dancing at home in front my mirror (even though I haven’t done that in so long-but I really need to).


            So I finally set Fox reality dance show; “ So, you think you can dance,” to record on my DVR last week; picking up from the Top 18 dancers; I am not into all that audition stuff; I missed the first performance show; how I missed that; I don’t know; anyway….. I took mental notes for my blog; so I could share Youtube (I love Youtube) videos of my some of my favorite dances or dancers; but unfortunately this time around they weren’t really any.

So, You Think You Can Dance, Top 18 Reviews


Sonja Tayeh Awesome Jazz Routine

Sonja Tayeh Awesome Jazz Routine

However; of course, some dances did stand out more than others; for instance; I thought Asuka (Kondoh) and Vitolio (Jeune)’s Waltz was really beautiful and emotionally caressing and the absolutely riveting Enya music playing in the background, certainly did not hurt the routine either; it was sweet how that dance moved judge Mary Murphy to tears. Karla (Garcia) and Jonathan (Platero)’s dance choreographed by Canadian choreographer Stacy Tookey was also very pretty.

Sonja Tayeh

Sonja Tayeh

Melissa and Ade’s Sonja Tayeh (a real unique individual) Jazz routine was a real attention-grabbing physically challenged routine; it rocked and it made me desire to get up and dance; according to Judge and Choreographer Lil’C, “That was bucc.”

Brandon and Janette’s Disco was really fast paste and I thought it was a cool routine; don’t cha yah wish you could dance like that, don’t cha? I do, I do; maybe someday.

I thought Shane Sparks’ choreography ideas were cool and would have been highly recieved if the dancers were able to really pull them off; however; I didn’t think Ashley; who partnered with Kupono; wasn’t bad at all, maybe as a routine and as a team they didn’t work; but I thought she really shake those Hips and I was disappointed she got sent home so soon; I wanted to see more of her, I also think she is really pretty (looks a little like Rachel Leigh Cook to me); too bad. Maybe somebody will leave the show and they’ll bring her back for a second try; I think it was her solo routine (lack of content) that did her in; and somehow; I knew Max would have been the one (male) to go;  he was not only competing against dancing skills but personalities as well. His personality did not have a powerful presence to me; i just don’t think he stood a chance.

Asuka and Vitolio Waltz-Choreographed by Louis Van Amstel

Melissa and Ade Jazz- Choreography by Sonja Tayeh

Fame (the original)

 fame_movie_image__3_In preparation for the big screen premiere of “Fame” remake, September 25th; I decided to watch the original; yes, that would be my first time seeing it. I assumed Debbie Allen had a bigger role in this film; nevertheless this movie was very entertaining, at times funny, at times sweet but it really felt incomplete to me in the end; after following a synopsis of the main character’s lives over a four-year span during their time at this Liberal Arts school in New York; I expected a close to their stories; a glimpse of their futures after graduation; this ending felt unfinished and unsatisfactory; even the graduation scene did not appease me for my time; not a single story had an ending; no questions answered; no resolutions; nothing but an incomplete story. I hope the remake does a better job of giving us something take with us; other than an awesome soundtrack and temporary entertainment of dance, music and song.


Footloose Remake

JulianneHoughIn other dancing news; Dancing with the Stars Pro Julianne Hough was offered the lead in another upcoming musical/dance remake “Footloose,” set to come out in 2010, alongside Chase Crawford (a role that was originally offered to High School Musical star Zac Efron); after (so I heard) auditioning against more experienced actresses like Hayden Panetierre and Amanda Bynes. You, go, girl. When I initially heard who was auditioning for the part and I really hoped Julianne would be the one to get it, I think she’ll be great in the part, she is brand spanking new in that part of the Biz, which is always exciting; she is a great dancer and singer, she is beautiful; this will be totally awesome for her career and I am looking forward to seeing this film in 2010,; if God spares my life.

Dancing with Stars- Season Eight- Top Three

 Speaking of Dancing with the Stars; here are some updates of what’s next on the agenda for Season Eight contenders and pro-dancers.

Apparently; 17-year-old Gymnast Shawn Johnson; Season Eight Champion is mulling over taking the lead role in a kid’s flick; that’s all I know; oh and the Disco Ball Trophy is or was in the repair shop; apparently it got broken during a shipment from New York.

            First runner-up and hot French actor from the “Sex and the City” movie Gilles Marini gets naughty on t.v series Nip/Tuck as somebody’s (Erica) sexy younger bad-boy husband.

           MelissaRycroft Second runner-up Melissa Rycroft is apparently joining the cast of “Good Morning, America;” serving as a special contributor (for now) delivering uplifting, summer-type pieces (tvguide.com). Somebody (God) must be really looking out for this girl and her future. She may have stumbled on an accidental career, unlike Deanna Pappas, who in my opinion wants it bad. I am happy for her and very proud. Go, Melissa, go; I am looking forward to seeing you on GMA and I promise I’ll watch.

           maksimmaksimkarinaIn other news (not that I care); Pro-Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy a.k.a “the bad boy of ballroom” will be one of the celebrities on new reality series “The Superstars.” Speaking of Maksim; he and his fiancé Karina Smirnoff (who have been dating for about a year) have landed their own reality series; another one of those “come watch my dramatic life as I prepare for my wedding and advance my career” reality shows; so how long do you think this marriage is going to last? (in my opinion, not long at all) Anyway, I am really not a fan of either dancers, so I probably won’t watch. Will you?

 Phew; I have finally finished this post for now, thought the end would never come. It took half my day but I’m finally done, please don’t make this post be in vain, if you read this, drop me a line, it’ll make my day and I would appreciate it very much. Talk to you soon. Get up and dance.


Holla! TishTishBaby!

Some info gathered from www.buddytv.com .



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