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My 2009 has gotten off to a slight rough start; but I’ve been watching a lot of 700 Club lately; on ABC family and it has helped me to realize that they are people out there in this world; experiencing a whole lot worst; and in comparison; I am a princess; who lives in a huge castle; who wears beautiful garments and eats at a banquet everyday.

            I am so fortunate; that I want to slap myself silly; when my inner being complains or feel sorry for myself when things aren’t always hunky-dory.

 I have to remember; anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy; sometimes the most wonderful things; take lifetimes to come into being. Speaking of which; this week most Americans and the world will celebrate two great men.

 Today we honor a hero; a prominent leader in the American Civil Rights Movement from Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A); Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; who was assassinated at age thirty-nine; April 4th, 1968 but not before he led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington; where he delivered one of his greatest and most famous speeches “I Have a Dream;” August 28th (my birth date) 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial.

Now about forty-five years later; God has finally sent a young African-American (literally) hero to bring the dreams of Dr. King into realization and make history; tomorrow a moment in time will forever forge itself in our history books; one way or the next history will be made January 20th, 2009; with the inauguration of America’s 44th and first African-American President; Barack Hussein Obama; a forty-seven year old; former United States Senator from Illinois, Chicago (U.S.A).

I have never been more honored to witness small parts of the journey there; nor have I been more interested in history and politics in my life; I actually wish that I had become interested a lot sooner; so I would have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the moments and people leading up to this point and I could celebrate and appreciate the essence of this moment in time in a more profound way.

 However; I think it is a treasure and gift to be alive at this time and witness significant change of life as we know it on this earth and America. The same as those; who lived in times of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy and so many more greats in politics, entertainment, literature, sports and otherwise.

For me; this special week doesn’t only celebrate two great men; for me it is a celebration of all great men and women; who fought for change and a better life not only for themselves but for all of us.

The greatest of these is Jesus Christ; the epiphany of a fighter against the status quo and sacrifice. I don’t necessarily need to forge my name in history books but I would like to be a part of the band of fighters; fighting for change and a better life for myself and others.

For me; this week; I don’t celebrate two great men; I celebrate three great ones; my husband’s birthday is also on Thursday, 22nd January. Ah, what a special week to always be remembered. 2009; bring it on!


Happy Martin Luther King Day

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