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Step Up 2 the streets

I think I did myself a huge injustice by not watching this movie in the theaters; not because it was so damn good, it was a movie-theater must but I believe the impact of the well choreographed dances might have been better to watch. The dances were hott and with a more pumping soundtrack they would have sizzled.

This movie had talented dancers but talented actors, not so much. I mean the acting wasn’t terrible but it didn’t convince me of the story it was trying to tell. I heard the words come out of their mouths but I could not buy them.

I have never been on the streets but I have seen a lot of movies portraying what the streets would look like in the underground dance circuit and this one was the least convincing of them all. Even the original Step Up had a more authentic portrayal of the streets and all the pains that can come out of it.

Anyway, enough of that, on a more positive note, I think the actress Briana Evigan, who plays Andie is sexy and a great dancer; as are many of the cast. I love the video prank idea and the first dance of the movie taking place on the Subway. My only issue with the Subway prank scene is the music in the background; it failed to hold up its end of the partnership with the routine and it just did not do the dance any justice. I needed to be hype by this dance and about the routine but I wasn’t as much as I would have liked to be.

adam_sevani.jpgI loved all the dance scenes in the movie but I completely hated the soundtrack. Don’t think I am a Hip-Hop hater because I loved the soundtrack of You’ve Got Serve, Stomp the Yard, as well as the original Step Up.

My favorite character in the movie was definitely Moose played be Adam G. Sevani and I love to see him dance. It completely freaks me out that someone the looks that geeky can tear it up on the floor (Dance so good), I also loved the character of a Latina bombshell Missy played by Danielle Polanco. The final dance was hott, but again I don’t think seeing it on small screen or the soundtrack did it justice. All and all I give it an E for effort. Still I don’t get tired of these dance movies and as long as the dances are hott, I’ll watch, so keep them coming Hollywood. My husband would not be happy to hear me say that.

STEp 2 tHE sTreeTs SUbwAy pRanK


tALKinG Moose

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