How did you spend your summer? This summer was a busy one for my family. For one thing, for me, I was being pregnant. For another, we had so many children pass through our home throughout the summer, you would think it was a summer camp, but that is a conversation for another time.

This summer I got to do some fun things like paint and bake and decorate lots of cakes (my husband and I). We had lots of birthdays.

So i’d like to share some pics of these cakes with you and tell a little bit of their stories.

Well the first birthday was my son Kephraim’s 1st birthday on June 20th. We bought him a cake. But then we met this very nice single mother of  four children at our church, one child with Autism and a little one with health issues, who was about to move to another state. Her daughter’s birthday was on the same day as my son. So I offered to bake a cake to celebrate both their birthdays. This was the most simple cake we did all summer.


This was a quick put together cake. It was Duff Goldman’s Zebra Cake.zebra

The second birthday cake was for a friend of the family. Her birthday was on the 4th July. We hosted a cookout for her at our house. We used Duff’s Tie-Dye cake for the top layer and his Red Velvet for the bottom layer. I think we used about four or six boxed cakes for this one. We also used Betty Crocker’s Decorating Icing in the can, which is alot of fun to use and I tried to do a fireworks effect on the cake using sprinkles and decorating gels.

JuneCakeduffsbetty crocker

Our third birthday cake was for my children’s Grandma, her birthday was July 23rd. The kids helped make and decorate this one. As you can see, using the clear decorating gel for writing words on cake is not the grandest idea.


The next three birthdays were all in August, the first was my beautiful adopted (in my heart) daughter’s birthday on August 18th (she spent the summer with us), then my spectacular firstborn and only daughter by birth’s birthday, she was August 24th, she was born four days before my birthday. With that being said, bet you can guess whose birthday came next.

So on the 18th August, we all, including the birthday girl made and decorated this cake together.


Got to use some of the new cake making tools we bought for our grand finale cake. Inspired by this video. A #48 Frosting tip, Cake Spinner and new spatulas. Although they made them look easier to use than they really are.



Now to the grand finale. Check this out. This is the most expensive and time consuming cake making project, my husband and I have ever done. For our two girls, a Frozen themed birthday cake.



Made with Duff’s Pink Camo and Purple Rain (2 boxes each), and five boxes of Duncan Hines Blue Velvet Box Cake for the base cake, because it was cheaper or I would have used Duff’s Blue Suede.

pink camo


Watch this cakecumentory video. Wish I thought to start documenting from the cake making process.

So after all that cake. I just had a cheesecake made by a friend for my birthday.

God Bless.