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Summer T.V

Though summer is not the time of year for watching too much t.v because they are so much outdoor activities to enjoy; here are some of the shows I watch, when I am not doing something else fun with my family and when I just want to unwind.


Rookie Blue- I started watching Rookie Blue during it’s second season, and what I like about this show is that the episodes are often very interesting, the chemistry with the cast is very good, the acting is good and believable but most of all I just love the relationship between Andy and Sam. From the first episode of this series (which is the only episode I saw in Season One), I felt these two characters were destined to be together, and the writers finally brought them together in the final two episodes of Season Two. I have been enjoying this season so far.


So, You Think You Can Dance– I have loved this show since I started watching it in 2009 and wondered why I wasn’t watching sooner. I liked the original formula very much and I’m not quite in love with the new structure, but the dancing and choreography are still timeless, and I love the judges, except the celebrity judges that don’t know enough about dancing to give a useful critique; that annoys me.


Leverage- Though it seemed like it was losing it’s pizzazz last season, and a lot of the episodes were too stupid for words or just bore me to death; I have really liked this show in the past. I like that it’s nothing to get your brain all twisted over, no murders, not too much drama, just a nice bad guy get theirs in a very clever manner type show. I also really love the characters and their interaction as a team. I hope this season coming will be better than the last.


Other shows I like to watch are Gator Boys and Call of the Wildman (Animal Planet); Sand Masters (Travel Channel) and Swamp People (History). Shows about people doing extraordinary things.

Gator Boys- Animal Planet

Call of the Wildman – Animal Planet

Sand Masters – Travel Channel


Swamp People – History Channel

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