This post is visual representation of a life divinely blessed. The road ahead is but a glance of God’s wonderful providential care upon my family’s life. If you aren’t the type who share in the joys and blessings of others, do not proceed any further, there is nothing here for you. Blessings to you and enjoy.

My Life as captured behind the camera lens- January -May 2016


A January Blessing – Finally after years of waiting, we finally have a family vehicle. We purchased this second hand minivan for a steal.

Valentine's Treasure Hunt

A February Blessing- A Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt- with some really cool written clues (in poetic format) placed on the back of Conversation Candy Heart Cut-outs. I sent the kids on a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt around the house to collect lots of goodies bought from the Family Dollar Store, as well as this Valentine’s Day Coupon Book.

Season's Buffet

Another February Blessing- Later that Valentine’s Day, after the treasure hunt. My husband and I had a lunch date at a Buffet restaurant called Season’s Buffet. I can’t exactly remember what I ate, but along with my main meal. I had my favorite soup New England Clam Chowder. The above picture is my husband’s meal. I only took a photo of my soup for some reason. Desert was nice. It was a lovely Valentine’s date.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

A March Blessing- St. Patrick’s Day Green Breakfast– Green Eggs, green lucky charm pancakes (inspired by), broccoli and bacon (which I couldn’t figure out how to dye green).

Inspired by top o the morning pancakes


Another March Blessing- Introducing my son –Kenahi (Inspired by Brother Bear) Dakarai B. Born March 22nd, 2016.

easter breakfast

easter bunny pancake

An Easter Blessing- An Easter Breakfast Colored Hard Boil Eggs, Fruit Salad, and Easter Bunny Pancakes (Inspired by) with Jelly Bean eyes & nose and Marshmallow fur and bunny ears.

easter hunt 2016

More Easter Blessings- Our first  Easter Egg Hunt in our wonderful backyard.

mother's day 2016

A Mother’s Day Blessing- A scrumptious mother’s day breakfast- Sausage, Fry Eggs, fresh cut fruit and my favorite- pancakes with homemade berries topping. Loved it! Top it off with kid made mother’s day cards.  Oh, how I’m blessed!


Road trip Blessings- Our first family road trip in our minivan. We visited Dietter’s Water Garden. North Haven, CT.

dinosaur world

Backyard Blessings- The creation of Dinosaur World (Inspired by)

Ramin Burger

As seen on T.V- Here is a Ramen Burger my husband made for me, after seeing this intriguing idea on t.v.

 Kep 2016

Birthday Blessings- My Firecracker Toddler is about to turn 3 years old– June 20th.


Show 'n' Tell-June 2016


Life’s good!

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