Talking T.V today-by accident!

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Talking T.V today-by accident!

In my previous post I began talking about the first episode of “Eli Stone “premiering tonight; then it turned into a whole conversation of t.v talk; since that’s not quite the direction I wanted the post to go in; I decided to cut and paste that bit in a separate post; so here is my accidental t.v talk for today:

Tonight will be the premiere episode of “Eli Stone: Season Two.” I watched the reruns of season one over the summer and fell in love. I hope they keep the energy and awesomeness of the show going because I wouldn’t want it to get axed; as a lot of shows do; either at the end of season one or two. There is no room for second chances in TV world.

Can you believe, even before episode three; the new fox sitcom “Do not disturb” got canned? I mean it wasn’t that funny but I didn’t think it sucked either. I believe actress Niecy Nash deserved better and poor-poor Jerry O’Connell, what is this doing for his confidence. That’s the second slightly funny sitcom he has been in that got canceled since I have moved to America. I have only lived here for a year. I hope people don’t start thinking; he is a t.v show jinx.

I was so disappointed that I had to delete “Women’s Murder Club” from my Tivo Season Pass list (Tivo would automatically record every new episode that shows). I thought that show was so great with a spectacular cast, loved the actors, characters and stories; my questions are; what went wrong and why doesn’t America like what I like?

Some shows that have been cancel this and last year that I thought had great potential was “Journeyman,” “New Amsterdam,” and “Canterbury’s Law.” I love the concept of “Journeyman,” it was like a modern “Quatum Leep” which I loved; it had some real interesting stories evolving in every episode. What happened? Why didn’t America buy what they were selling?

Must our television be completely devoid of milk chocolate-like, sweet delight of changing the world, making it better? Does it always have to be murder and who-did-its or sex and deceit? I need to have my Eli Stones and Journeymans. Plllllleeeeeeeese America help me out.

“New Amsterdam” was somewhat like the t.v series “Heroes;” a good concept but just not good enough writers. Then “Canterbury’s Law,” for me no complains, I like the characters, thought they were well portrayed and the cases peeked my interest, don’t know what went wrong there but I do think this show probably would have a higher survival rate on TNT.

The t.v shows I definitely thought needed to go, for real, was “Cavemen” (workable concept, horrible storylines); “Bionic Woman” (it just wasn’t good enough), “Aliens in America” (I had high hopes and thought it would be funnier, it failed).

The t.v show from this fall season that I predict will not make it to a season two, might not even get to finish out season one is “Life on Mars.”

The shows I have high hopes for are “Middleman” (this summer-loved it), “The Mentalist,” “Opportunity Knocks,” “90210,” “Privileged,” and “Valentine.”

The shows I am a little nervous for their life span is “The Ex List,” and “Knight Rider.”
“My Own Worst Enemy” looks promising; “Crusoe” has not premiered as yet.
Shows I am glad to see return this Fall are “Ugly Betty,” “Life,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Eli Stone,” “Chuck,” “Samantha Who?” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

The older t.v series that have sort of regained my interest are “Heroes,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Smallville” and “Ghost Whisperer,” and the show with a lot of drama I like to watch anyway is “The Game.”

So I’ll chit-chat more about television with you later. Do you watch a lot of t.v? Please let me know; talk to me?

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  1. Jeff Atkinson October 14, 2008 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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