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The Good Wife

This show is evidence that not all t.v cancellations are bad. Sometimes the cancellation of a good or okay show (Canterbury’s Law) can lead to the emergence of an incredibly great show.

 Is it just me, or is The Good Wife one of those timeless shows that pop up once every decade.  I don’t know if I am giving it too much props but to make a long story short, if you didn’t catch it, I think this series is fantastic.

 Julianna Marguilies who plays Alicia Florrick is always great at what she does. Okay, I admit I haven’t watched much of her stuff. Not because she isn’t great, but she’s never really been in much that has ever interested me. I did see her in Canterbury’s Law however, and I didn’t think it was too bad at all; not good enough though, apparently. Anyway, that’s the past. Now in the present, I think she has found a role that no one else could do justice. Good for her, way to bounce back.

 The main cast also includes; Josh Charles (Will Gardner); Christine Baranski (Dianne Lockhart); Archie Panjabi (Kalinda Sharma); Matt Czuchry (Cary Agos); and among others.

 The storyline centers on Alicia Florrick, “the good wife” of a disgraced State Attorney of Cook County, who was entwined in a sex scandel and imprisoned for political corruption. She re-enters the workforce after thirteen years in order to provide for her two teenagers. She is hired as a Junior Litigator at her former Law School buddy’s  prestigous Law firm, of which he is a partner. There is a slight hint (for now) of attraction between them. Another Senior Partner at the Law firm is Dianne Lockhart, who Alicia greatly respects and looks up to.

 Unfortunately, there is only one perminant position for Junior Litigator available at the Firm. Which stems a rivalry with Cary Agos,  a young Harvard Grad, brought on at the same time as Alicia. However, Alicia finds an ally in Kalinda, the firm’s in-house private investigator who has a  cynical, misanthropic outlook on human behavior and previously worked for Alicia’s husband, who fired her.It has also been hinted that she may be closeted lesbian.

I love the dynamic between the cast. I think this show is well written and the week to week court cases are very intriguing.

The Good Wife; shows on Tuesdays, 10 P.M, CBS. Tonight’s episode might just take Alicia and Will’s relationship to another level. We’ll see.

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