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The last time I blogged was August 2009; so much has happened since then I don’t even know where to start. Well, first of all, let me apoligize for neglecting you guys for so long. It’s really been a rough and hectic 2009; filled with so many challenges, that i’d maybe like to talk about in the future.

However, 2009 sprung the greatest gift of all, my son, he was born Nov 2nd and he is now almost three months old. He is such a handsome little boy.

This Christmas was a very quiet Christmas, we celebrated with just us four and I loved it. After a full six months of family staying with us, so much socializing and entertaining, it felt so good to be a family again. Spend time with my husband and children without an outside party there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that my parents and siblings visited with us for a while, but after six months of company, I had enough.

2009 was wonderfully challenging and just knowing that I am still standing in 2010, I feel a sence of accomplishment and ready to take on whatever comes my way in the new year head-on. I have no doubt, especially based of what I have seen so far, that this year will be any less of a challenge. Bring it on.

Haiti, our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, our Church, our family, America, the Caribbean, the world, our future, our friends are all in our prayers. I am grateful, I am scared, I am hopeful and faithful, I am ready.

I want to be better and do better, I want to work harder and strive higher, I want realize some of my dreams and dream bigger. I want to be the greatest example of God’s design (for his Children) for my children.

I’m Ready!

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