Ugly Betty-Million Dollar Smile

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Ugly Betty-Million Dollar Smile

Is it me or are these final episodes of the Ugly Betty series a bit disappointing? I can’t put my foot on it, but something feels off; it just feel like the writers aren’t even trying anymore. Where are the awesome one-liners, and the Ugly Betty quirk and vivacity?

The actors seem burnt out; like they just want to get it all over with. I really was not very impressed with the last few episodes of Betty, especially the episode this week; “Million Dollar Smile.” I mean it had it’s moments in the last ten minutes, that were slightly funny (when Betty ripped open Wilhelmina’s shirt, exposing her Bustier) and sweet (when Betty finally got her braces taken off and Daniel gave Amanda his blessing to  date his half-brother who he hates).

This was one of those what life would be like if Betty was born with perfect teeth episodes. Apparently she’d be ugly on the inside; Wilhemina’s assistant and partner in the quest to take over the company; her family would be rich; Hilda would be fat and Justin wouldn’t exist; Marc would be a plain Joe with a son,and working front desk reception; Daniel hates her and is married to Amanda, and they both are cheating on each other; and Ignacio (Betty’s father) would have a gambling problem; all this because she was born with perfect teeth and eye-sight. Right!  This episode was plain stupid and unnecessary, I’m disappointed that’s the way they chose to use one of the last episodes they have left before this show becomes a distant memory.

 Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to get the ending I want here? I just hope I feel satisfied that their way is better than my way. I hope I am not disappointed by the finale, because it feels like they are going to try to cram everything in the final episode. 

 I was hoping they’d use these final five episodes to take their time and wrap things up nicely piece by piece; instead I feel new storylines emerging that should take us into a season five. I don’t want to be left with questions; I want old questions answered. So forget about the Justin love interest thing and Wilhelmina trying to take over Meade through Tyler thing. Man, how in the heck are they going to properly resolve these things in two episodes? I don’t think I like where this is going at all. I fear disappointment.

 What do you think? Comment please.

 Oh, yeah, next week’s episode; Betty, Hilda and Amanda are going to London; where they’ll meet up with Christina and Gio. Let’s see what happens.

P.S- America Ferrara is a very beautiful girl and she looks great. This was especially highlighted in this episode.

Once again; thoughts?

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