Video Review-a Christian Perspective- Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce-Telephone Music Video

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Video Review-a Christian Perspective- Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce-Telephone Music Video

This is my God-eye view of this music video or as I like to call it, stolen 9 minutes and 32 seconds. Wow, I’m almost at a lost for words. How many of you actually liked this video?

To all Lady Gaga and Beyonce fans, my apologies for stepping on any toes here, but I really don’t think this was a very good video.

This is a perfect example of how the media is Satan’s best device to corrupt human society. Maybe all those involved considers this video artistic expression, but I consider it another notch on Satan’s belt in his pursuit of the destruction of God’s beautiful creations, human beings and this world.

We are heading for an ugly place, our children are in deep trouble, and today’s very talented top selling music artistes are taking us there. Intense I know, but the truth is intense sometimes.

Now, about the actual video, what does this music video have to do with the lyrics of the song?

I have no clue.

This video seems completely Gaga-style, but it didn’t fit naturally on Beyonce to me. Actually it looked God awful on her. I’m not saying Beyonce is any better a role model than Gaga, well, she’s not. I just thought she had a little more class than that.

Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s wardrobe was a bit kooky, and some of Gaga’s looks reminded me of Madonna from her “Who’s That Girl” (movie-1987) days. They had some attention-grabbing, scary looking chicks in this video. The ending was weird, dumb and unnecessary.  Okay, the whole video was like that.

All and all this video stands for everything Christianity and God’s word stands against, it is sinful and awful (not because it’s sinful but because it’s just awful in my opinion). Seriously, if this video won an award, could anyone start off by saying; “I’d like to thank God first and formost…” I guess they wouldn’t do that anyway.

It is not worth a moment of your time. So why am I writing about it? Not very smart!

Anyway, you can waste your time and watch it below:

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  1. Alonzo Momaya March 20, 2010 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Do you guys think that she would do well in this year ?

  2. Dahlia Linder March 21, 2010 at 10:50 am - Reply

    Beyonce is the best singer in the world. Amazing vocals. I think her style is unmatched. Love her clothes and uniqueness! I have met Beyonce in public one and she was really polite. Such good manners. How can anyone hate Beyonce I just dun understand the negative comments I read sometimes. No more turmoil in her life please god…Beyonce deserves happiness and the love of friends.

  3. Designer4life March 23, 2010 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    That chick is just beauitful, I mean a lot seems to think she is a fool but that’s just an act, it does require some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

  4. Ernie Bolante March 28, 2010 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    It’s enormous that i’ve learned this article on google , keep up the good work mate …I’ve just subscribed to your feeds. Cheers Up!

  5. JMW April 13, 2010 at 11:20 am - Reply

    The Telephone video is perhaps the best music video since “Thriller,” and I’m not joking. It shows a level of imagination and storytelling that most music video makers don’t even think about. It’s not afraid to tell a story, and to stretch a 3 1/2-minute song into a 9 1/2-minute story, something that would normally test the patience of a music video watcher.

    I am not a fan of quick-cut editing, but I understand that it’s a staple in the music video genre, and “Telephone” uses it better than most. The story itself is over-the-top camp, and great fun to watch. The production values are excellent, and the whole thing is just bursting with wild, imaginative touches.

    As for being a threat to our children: Ehhh, no. It’s nowhere near as bad an influence as 150 years ago when children grew up in the South and saw slavery every single day. I think it’s funny how traditional people are always so afraid of our kids being corrupted, and always complaining about how things are getting worse when in fact our kids are being exposed to less and less real-life horrors as the years pass. As for this video: I’ll admit the violence and the crime is not a very good example for kids, but the sensuality and the language are negligible. Profanity is something so TINY to get worked up over. I think it’s silly that a movie can get rated R for one use of the word MF-er, but a PG-rated movie can get away with showing emotionally-horrific domestic abuse. Which one is really worse for our society?

  6. eli May 1, 2010 at 5:49 am - Reply

    For JMW:

    I volunteer at a youth club in the week and i see first hand how video’s like this are affecting our children in the uk.
    I can see that kids are hanging on every word and action of these ‘music artists’ and they are too young to distinguish between what should be taken seriously and not.
    11 yr old girls come dressed as strippers, the boy’s neither respect them or wish to. By the way sexual violence amongst teenagers is increasing at a staggering rate, anorexia amongst girls has increased by 125% in the last decade.
    The boys are reciting rap ‘songs’ with sexualy explicit and violent lyrics.
    The have pornography on their mobiles which they share with other minor’s regardless as to whether or not other minor’s wish to recieve it.
    It can often be impossible to gain any control over or respect from these kids. They often use the M.F word and other such words, they intimidate and harrass.
    Now i will compare these kids in the uk with kid’s i have encountered in 3rd world countries where they are subjected to a great deal of civil war and horrific violence.
    Whilst in Brazil for 4 months (a country with some of the most violent cities in the world) I can say that most of the children i came across were incredibly polite, respectful and all held christian belief and attended church.
    Whilst in India for a month. Again the children as above, eager to learn and incredibly respectful towards adults.
    As in very poor area’s of Mexico, Africa, Philippines, i could go on.
    From my own personal experience i can see a vivid difference between children who are being constantly bombarded with media that glorifies sex and violence day after day and children who live in very poor countries where street violence and civil war is the norm.
    Our children are being forced to know too much too soon and it is ruining them and robbing them of innocence.
    Whilst in the countries i mentioned, i can say how refreshing it was to see children who were truly children.
    Whilst i would never wish one of my own children to be subjected to what kids in 3rd world countries are subjected to, why then would i choose to allow them to be educated by the likes of Lady GaGa and Beyonce when i can see first hand how it is affecting our children?

  7. angry smiley June 3, 2010 at 3:45 am - Reply

    I truly love Lady Gaga. Contrary to most products called artists out there Gaga really has talant. Her shows and costumes are all top notch. Hope i can see her live again soon
    Regards Jenn
    angry smiley

  8. DJCriddle October 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Yes, Lady Gaga is talented, but she has given into the music business to become famous which includes doing things that are against the Christian way of life. She is definitely not a role model and not an entertainer for the ones who can’t distinguish fact from fiction which includes children. That’s why the rating system was put into place. If it’s not rated G or even PG then anyone of young age should not be allowed to be entertained by it. As eli was saying how the children of the poor countries were well behaved because they don’t have the media or electronic devices to corrupt them like our children do. I think any child who has something like a cell phone or some type of media player before they can purchase it for themselves is just ridiculous. We grew up without them, why can’t our children? Today’s children are just too spoiled when it comes to the electronics that their parents are willing to buy them.

  9. Hannah March 30, 2011 at 4:13 am - Reply

    This “music” is trash and sordid, she appears to be controlled by Satan. Her lyrics and videos do not hint, but overly display satanic themes, over and over again. In the name of “creativity” and “artistry”, our children are being led horribly astray listening to her music. People would realize if only they knew Jesus and the beauty of His truth.

    • Latisha April 10, 2011 at 7:29 am - Reply


      I couldn’t agree more. Thank so much for showing me I am not the only one who think so. Thanks for your comment. Blessings.

  10. banki April 30, 2011 at 4:43 am - Reply

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