I lived in the Caribbean for most of my life and for that reason, I had summer everyday.  You could wear spaghetti strap dresses, shorts and flip-flops any day you wanted; you could go to the beach anytime of the year and you’d sweat almost everyday.

I hated the Caribbean heat and I hated sweating everyday. I wanted cooler days. So I traveled to the USA, and have lived here for the last five years, now I’m thinking, I said cooler days not colder ones.

I experienced winter and have seen snow. This was something I dreamed of most my life. I have seen its images captured on my television and dreamed of one day playing in snow. What was I thinking?

The first time I tried playing in snow, I realized it felt very much like playing in ice; snow and snowy days are very cold; and turns out it’s not really for this Caribbean girl.

I still do however, love to see snow falling from my window, snow is majestic and very beautiful; I also still hate to sweat; but I have come to really appreciate summer; especially days that are not painfully humid, but a nice bearable temperature.

I just love the excitement of summer in America, because they aren’t taken for granted, good outdoor grilling-picnic-beach-water sprinkler-flip-flop days aren’t an everyday occurrence here. So you really come to appreciate the freedom and joy of summer.

Last year, my summer was terrible, it was a tough year, this summer hasn’t even started yet and I could tell it is going to be great. So welcome summer, I’m ready for yah!