What’s my purpose?

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What’s my purpose?

Well I can tell you what I want? I want to be a more confident and balanced (as much as anyone can honestly be balanced in this life) woman. I want to be the best mom it is in my capability to be, ditto, as far as being a writer is concerned. I want to be a happier person, no matter what my current life’s situation is like. I want to break the chains of bondage that binds me, in other words, I’d like to overcome the stronghold of fear in my life.

I’d like to be healthier, lose the weight my body does not need, this of course includes the belly fat I’ve obtained since the birth of my first child, eat healthier foods, desire junk food less or be able to resist this desire more (not completely but for the most part), exercise, sleep well and simply feel good about my body, thus feeling good in my soul and mind, they connect to each other you know. I’d like to only feed my mind with positive things, cutting out as much negativity from my life as I am able to. I’d like to think happy thoughts most of the time and resist the urge to encourage toxic thinking in my mind; this includes thoughts of guilt, regrets, shame, worthlessness, low self-worth, etc.

I’d like to strengthen my knowledge of God’s word, become a more learned person, grow in wisdom, and empower my mind. I’d like to be a modern day version of the Proverbs 31 woman. I’d like to someday become a Matriarch, and I’d like my journey towards the end of my life to be worth something, I’d like to help as many people as I can, change the world as much as I can, help others change the world as much as they can, and leave a legacy behind.

I want to see my children flourish and become all they were meant to be, all that they were designed by the Almighty to become, and yes, I desire most of my dreams to come true. If they don’t however, at least let me do a good job where I am, for the glory of God. Let me teach my children to know and trust Him in all things.

What are my Dreams?

My dreams are all of the above, as well as; to see the world. I want to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, the Sidney Opera House, the canals of Venice; this list could go on for a long time. I’d like to live this adventure with my big family (not big yet, just a family of four right now), and take photos and publish books about our family adventures, in other words get paid to do what we love.

I’d love to live in Paris with my family for about a year, ditto, for Ireland and Tuscany, Italy. I think I might like to chill in Hawaii for a while too. I’d like to honeymoon (never had a honeymoon), maybe even renew my vows in Santorini, Greece, an all white affair.

I’d like to own and live on a farm someday. I’d like to be a renowned author of various types of books, Christian living, children’s books, poetry and Christian fiction. I’ve also dreamt of being a magazine publisher which focuses on total wellness of the spirit, body and mind.

Other ideas I’ve had was owning (investing in) a Christmas tree farm; owning a books store/ café and have mini concerts, poetry read-ins etc, there, an open forum for young, positive artist;  and producing Christmas cards that features my poems and the poetry of others. I think I have covered everything. You’d probably say; wow, that’s a lot to accomplish in one lifetime. Only the Lord knows if I’ll accomplish all or even half those things. It’s hard to see how the “me” I am now will become and do those things, but I am inspired by people like Oprah, Tyler Perry and Joyce Meyer who have started from humble beginnings and built themselves an empire with God as their foundation of course. I know these things are possible, and if they are a part of God’s plan for my life, then they will come to fruition.

I am also inspired by other Christian mom blogs; as well as ordinary women and men out there doing extraordinary things for the glory of God. I am very inspired by mom of seven Hannah Keeley, and I’ve recently discovered Jaeson Ma, Pastor/Rapper (believe it or not); folks out there using their unique gifts from God to encourage others to shine for His Glory. I am truly inspired to pursue life with vigor, find balance and discover my purpose right here, right now.

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