Words of a Poetriot by L.J.G.B

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Words of a Poetriot by L.J.G.B

This is a book filled with poems I wrote all through the different phases of my teenage life. As an adolescent; from the time I realized I had a knack for poetic expression I dreamt of publishing my own poetry book and sharing my thoughts and words with the world.

I still dream of the day when someone would read something I wrote and say to me; those words encouraged, motivated, inspired me or that they did not know that someone else was experiencing what they were. Initially my dream was to be a fashion designer but when I realized I hate Clothing and Textiles and I am not so bad at the written word, my dream changed.

So about this book; I love it and am very proud of this project but not just because I wrote it but because it’s good and if given the chance I think the buyer would be pleased and very satisfied with their investment.

Some of my favorite poems in this book are “Metamorphosis”, “God, I wish it would rain”, “We share a Poem”, and “I just wanna dance” to name a few.

The word Poetriot in the book title simply means; a poet/artist who stays true to his art/passion, who stands up for who they are as a poet/artist and what they believe. So who are you as an artist? Because we all are artist and whatever is our passion, whatever it is we are good at; that’s your art and it’s up to us to stand up for the gifts God has bestowed on us.

Below is a poem from the book which has two meanings; it was inspired by my daughter still in my tummy moving around not yet ready to grace the world with her presence as well as me becoming the kind of woman I know I was always destined to be.


What’s this feeling taking over me?
What’s this feeling in the depths of my body?
Something’s different, it’s not the same
I can hear him calling,calling my name

Who or what is this calling to me?
Why is it so dark, too dark to see?
I long to feel the wind blowing in my hair
I long to dive in the ocean over there

I long to smell the flowers and climb the highest tree
What is this feeling coming over me?
Things are changing, it’s not the same
I can hear him shouting, screaming my name

Where is the girl I use to be?
Where is that girl, where is she?
Why is it so dark, so dark inside?
Stop, Listen
I hear him
I open my eyes

My love, my precious angel
He calls to me
My goddess, my queen, my Caribbean beauty

I open my eyes
I step out of my cocoon
And I fly


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  1. Anne September 17, 2008 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    This is a really great book, it has inspired me so much in my life.

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