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Hey Friends,

Hope all is well and you are having a blessed Saturday morning or whatever ever today is. I’m blessed. No complains from my end. Mind you I do have my challenges, worries and fears. I’m only human after all. But truly life’s a blessing filled with many sunflower days.

What do I mean? I mean standing tall and facing the sun (Son) no matter what. Fighting for your life and the strength to stand. I grew sunflowers for my second year this year. I have definitely seen more success than I did last year. I have grown my first ever 6 foot Sunflower. Some of my sunflowers have grown strong and standing tall and some didn’t stand at all. Their stem were all twisted and bendy. I desire to be like the strong sunflowers, growing as tall as it is in me to grow, looking toward the sun (Son), standing strong.

I have always wanted to see a Sunflower field and I got to see that for the first time a week ago. I have waited for many years for that small dream of many (dreams) to come true, and I’m very grateful. I’m very thankful for my Sunflower Days.

August is my most favorite month of the year. I look forward to that month for many reasons. It is usually a very exciting and happy month for me filled with lots of “sunflower days.” It is also a month where I celebrate the beginning of another year of life for my first born and only daughter (Aug 24th) and myself (Aug 28th).

A time when I reflect on what we’ve made it through, experienced and all our blessings, as well as carry on the hope and faith that more wonderful “sunflower days” are ahead.


Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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You stand grand and tall above them all

Your golden petals extend with majesty and grace

As the warmth of the sun reflect on your face

My dear sweet sunflower

I like it how you always face the sun

No matter what happens, it’s your life’s mission

So very much, I’d like to be like you

Make this my life’s mission too

Keep my eyes focused on all that’s bright

Let my light shine, like the sun’s glowing light

You are a happy flower

That’s how you make us feel

For this reason, to my heart you appeal

It brings joy to my soul

when I think about you

I’m thankful for God’s wonderful world

I’m thankful for you

So blessed and in awe

of all God’s beautiful creations

The birds, the trees, the flowers, the sky

You remind me of them all and lift my spirit high

Thank you, dear sunflower

For playing your part

And shining your light inside my heart

By LJGB (me)


They spread firmly underneath the dirt

Not easily moved, not easily jerked

They give their owner the strength to stand

Stand up so tall, stand up so grand

Along with sun and air, they’ll make sure you’re well nourished

With strong roots a tree will flourish

With a healthy body, it can firmly stay

Not easily moved, not easily swayed

So make sure your roots are very strong

So you’ll have the strength to stand tall all life long

by LJGB (me)

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  1. Sharon August 5, 2016 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    What an encouraging post!! I have a tendency to look out at the *field* and only see the weeds! Your words are a good reminder to seek out the flowers, and to always face the Son! Looks like August is a special month in your household – Happiest Birthday to you and your daughter!

    My happiest day so far this summer? The day my youngest got married!! It was a beautiful ceremony, and God has blessed me with a wonderful new daughter-in-law!


  2. Ruth August 13, 2016 at 12:24 pm - Reply

    Early Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! :) :)
    I like your poems! Keep up the good work writing and sharing what God is teaching you.

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