As I countdown to my 33rd birthday, which is on the 28th of this month (August), I’m am reflecting on who I am, what I am thankful for, what I hope for, who I want to be and so much more with a series of 33 themed post. It is just my way of celebrating my birthday month with a bit of self-reflection, and sharing a bit of who I am with you. If you clicked on this post, then you are somewhat interested in getting to know this blogger a little bit better and for that I am very appreciative. So as my birthday soon approaches, let me share what are some of my birthday wishes, big and small. Whatever blessings God sends my way this birthday, I will celebrate, because I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for dropping in, good day, peace, love and blessings to you. By the way. Happy Birthday to anyone who is celebrating their birthday as well this awesome month of August. Feel free to let me know.

birthday wishes

Wish # 1- God’s continued loving care, protection, guidance & provision over my family, friends & I, this includes my brothers and sisters in Christ

Wish # 2- A super-duper, important, very special wish that would change my life, but I can’t share online (God knows)

Wish # 3- A family vehicle for my big family to get around in

Wish #4- To continue to grow into the woman I desire to be- A Godly woman-healthy, wise, strong, brave, filled with joy & peace

Wish # 5- Happy Birthday Snail Mail– Postcards, Greeting Cards, Souvenirs, Local Handmade or Homemade stuff

Wish # 6- To cultivate beautiful long lasting friendships with other like minded, Godly women


Wish # 7- A New Camera- my camera is about to kick the bucket, so I’d like a better one

Wish # 8-A Postcard Album for my postcard collection

Wish # 9- Bath & Body Works Gift Card (Love their stuff) – My favorite fragrance being “Twilight Woods,” I also love their “Stress Relief” and “Sleep” products as well.

Wish # 10-  Lobster Dinner (at home or at a restaurant) – Love Lobster

Wish # 11- A Nice braided hairstyle

Wish # 12- To find my Hair Guru who can teach me how to care for my hair, by showing me what products to use and how to use them. So my hair could look better and feel better in my everyday life.

Wish # 13- Stand Mixer

stand mixer
Wish # 14- An Oven- Don’t have one at the moment

Wish # 15– Sunflowers, a sunflower themed cake or anything sunflower related

Wish # 16-Spa Treatment- Massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc

Wish # 17-To go on a low-maintenance, relaxing drive to see something beautiful

Wish # 18-To see gardening success in my first year of gardening

Wish # 19-To have the issues in my basement resolved

Wish # 20- For God to bring some of my current concerns/worries to a resolution

Wish # 21-To completely break free from strongholds that seek to steal my joy


Wish # 22-To have more time for my hobbies and passions

Wish # 23-To grow my blog’s following

Wish # 24-This bedroom set for my room from bob’s furniture

bedroom set
Wish # 25- A Backyard playset for my kids

Wish # 26-To enjoy my kids more

Wish # 27-To find a new church home in my new neighborhood

Wish 28- To be happier, contented & at peace

Wish # 29-For my mom to be happier

Wish # 30- For my kid’s to grow into the children of God they were made to be

Wish # 31- Good Health

Wish # 32- To be a blessing to others

Wish # 33- To be the light and salt of the world

Thanks for getting to know me.

Drop me a line at, if you would like to send me “happy birthday mail”. I love happy mail, it truly makes my day. I love postcards, greeting cards, penpal letters, souvenirs, local handmade or homemade (made by you) things. I love getting to know about the lives and hometowns of others. (Just sharing what I like, not begging for stuff). Happy Birthday mail would truly be a blessing to me, especially at this season of my life where I could use a little extra prayer and encouragement.


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