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Hello Beautiful People

Welcome to my second edition of “Art, Poetry & Inspiration.” I hope all is well with you and today you are feeling blessed. If you are not, I hope this post will be the pick me up you have been hoping for.

This blog series is right up my alley, as I love poetry, art, inspirational song lyrics, quotes and bible verses. This an opportunity for me to share my passion with you.

Today’s focus word is “Blessings.” Blessings is one of my favorite words. I use it often. I like to think about how I am blessed and wish blessings on others. I hope you enjoy this post about blessings today.

Feel free to download my printable booklet called “A Book of Blessings.”

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Title- God’s Blessings, Artist- Anisha Bordoloi         Photo Credit


poetry today's word

Beautiful Blessings

Beautiful Blessings are the moments we share

Beautiful Blessings are the ones who care

Beautiful Blessings are the ones we love

Beautiful Blessings come from above

Beautiful Blessings are beautiful smiles

Beautiful Blessings is laughter for miles

Beautiful Blessings are kisses and hugs

Beautiful Blessings is lots of love

Beautiful Blessings are the things we do

Beautiful Blessings are moments with you


An original poem written by me (Latisha J.Greaves-Barker)


Did I Forget?

Did I forget

my kids are awesome

my husband is great

I am a beautiful woman

That’s no mistake


Did I forget

I still have my life to live

so much to do

so much to give


Did I forget

the many ways I’m blessed

to focus on what’s good

and forget about the rest


Did I forget

I’ve got talent

there’s so much I could do

Lord, did I forget to look up

keep my eyes on you


The deceiver

he’s so good

so good at what he does


Keeping me from all my blessings

and the reason is because


I let him in, I let him in once more

And instead of looking to the sky

my eyes are on the floor


Instead of seeing the good around me

I try to run away, I try to flee


Did I forget who I am in Christ

Did I forget who paid the ultimate price?


Not for me to carry my load on my own

but to remember that I am a daughter of the King

and I will someday sit on my throne


I’m a Princess warrior and I’ve got what it takes to win

all I need is right here within


An original poem written by me (Latisha J.Greaves-Barker)

bible say

Jeremiah 17_7-8

quotes today's wordIrish Blessings

music today's word

poetry today's word

Count Your Gains, Not Your Losses


As we travel down life’s busy road
Complaining of our heavy load,
We often think God’s been unfair
And gave us much more than our share
Of little daily irritations
And disappointing tribulations.

We’re discontented with our lot
And all the “bad breaks” that we got;
We count our losses … not our gain,
And remember only tears and pain.
The good things we forget completely
When God looked down and blessed us sweetly.

Our troubles fill our every thought,
We dwell upon the goals we sought;
And wrapped up in our own despair,
We have no time to see or share
Another’s load that far outweighs
Our little problems and dismays.

And so we walk with heads held low,
And little do we guess or know
That someone near us on life’s street
Is burdened deeply with defeat.

And if we’d but forget our care
And stop in sympathy to share,
The burden that our brother carried,
Our minds and hearts would be less harried;
And we would feel our load was small,
In fact, we carried no load at all.


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Blessings to you


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  2. Julie S. November 8, 2015 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Love your poem! :) So beautiful and true, we just have to look around to see what we really have and how wonderful it is.

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