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Hey everyone! How are you today? How have you been enjoying your October so far! Isn’t it just an absolutely beautiful time. The October air feels much different to the summer air too. It’s just a different season and you know it.

Any of you who have been visiting TGI Saturdays for a while may have noticed that I use the words blessing(s) and blessed alot. Sometimes I am writing my post, and I think to myself look how many times I have used that word, maybe I should think of another word to use instead. I think about it, and I can’t think of a single word, I’d rather use in its place. Blessing(s) and blessed are just two of my favorite words. So bear with me if you think I use those words too much in my text.

I always know in my heart, how blessed I am. God takes care of me and my family, provides all our needs (sometimes, a little later than I’d like) and some of our wants. That doesn’t stop the human, sinful, flawed side of me from sometimes worrying, forgetting to be thankful for what I have or waiting on and trusting in the Lord. I guess, being thankful and counting your blessings is a decision we have to make everyday.

They are some times when you really want things to go your way and they don’t. Those are the times when it is hardest to count your blessings. I’m a working progress, but I know I am blessed.

Feel free to check out my second edition of my blog series “Art, Poetry & Inspiration,” the focus word is “Blessings” with a free booklet download featuring original poetry by me, song lyrics,  bible verses, quotes, a poem by Helen Steiner Rice and more.

Count your blessings!

Tell me some of the ways you know you are blessed today?

Blessings to you and yours today.

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Hallmark this weekend

I don’t get to watch television as much as I use to, but there are two channels I highly enjoy watching and I set my DVR to, every time there is a new original movie on their schedule. I’m talking about Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Lately, These channels have been doing an awesome job in providing lots of good clean, inspirational, romantic content for a woman like me to watch. Do you watch these channels?

Hallmark Oct 10-11 Collage

So some great news! Hallmark Channel will be premiering a new movie or two every weekend from September 19th to Valentine’s Weekend 2016.

Last week marked the first movie of Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest movie line-up with “Autumn Dreams” starring Jill Wagner (Wipeout). Did you watch? What did you think of this movie? I watched it and loved it.Thought it was sweet. Jill Wagner did a nice job at portraying a sweet, simple, down-to-earth farm girl, who truly deserved her happy ending.

Then on Sunday, I went over to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and watched “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream” , a new addition to the movie series Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Enjoyed watching as always. This was a wonderful movie about hope, courage, faith, love, friendship, patience and strength. If you have not watched anything from this series. I truly recommend you do, when and if you can. It will inspire you in so many ways.

This weekend Hallmark Channel will continue it’s Fall Harvest (4 all new original premieres) with the premiere of “Harvest Moon”, (tonight) Saturday, October 10th, 9p.m/8c. 

Then on Sunday, October 11th, 9p.m/8c Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere Beverly Lewis’ The Reckoning, starring Katie Leclerc (Switched at Birth), a follow up to The Shunning and The Confession.

Hope You Tune in!

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I enjoyed reading these post the most this week, because Link #1 and #2 made me get even more into the spirit of Fall (my favorite season) and link # 3 was just a fascinating testimony to read, I’ve often wondered how a journey like that gets started, I appreciate that story being told.

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Please feel free to enjoy these free printables, in celebration of this new Fall season. An Autumn Blessings Wordsearch, a printout of an original poem written by myself (Latisha) and if you still haven’t written down your Autumn season hopes as yet, enjoy my Autumn Wishlist printout. Have a blessed Fall.