Since the beginning of this year I have been writing a blog series called “Transitions: Waiting For a Season of Change.” This series has basically been a reflection on the season of life I am in right now, which is a waiting season.

Reflections picI have talked about my home and what it has been like living in it, now that my family has grown from the family of 3 we where when we first moved in 7 years ago to the family of 6 we are now. Not only have our family grown in size, but each one of us has developed various interest that needs more room to bloom. Our house also has started to speak to us, to confirm that it is a season to move on, by telling us in a way of starting to fall apart. Seems like everything just decided to go caput all at once.

We were supposed to move since December, then January, then February but the door we thought God was opening-which was the house next door, just wasn’t opening, no matter how the parties involved tried. When January was coming to an end and I found myself still in a place I didn’t want to be, I remember saying and thinking, I don’t know how I am going to make it another month in this house.

But surprise, surprise, I did make it month after month. Now after a season of long wait- roller coaster days of frustration, anger, impatience and finding peace as best I could in the midst of those undesired feelings, my wait may be coming to an end in the most amazing way.

Yet, the fat lady still has not sung, but I am stepping out in faith as we approach closer and closer to what sounds and seems like our prayers being answered. I am trusting and hoping, that this is it, that this is what God has been holding us out for. I am trusting that this is why, that door that we thought he was opening, wasn’t really the door He designated us to go through.

I am ready, more ready than I have been to hear the beautiful tune of the fat lady’s voice, singing a melody that rings through my ears saying that it is over, this season has finally come to an end and a new one, a beautiful one is about to begin.

I long to hear her sing.

I’m ready for this change. I’m ready to go. Mind you, I am also quite nervous. A little sad of leaving people who love us and who we love behind. But it is time to go, time to meet more people to love, not forgetting those we already love and care for. Time to be the light in a new location. God never meant for us to stay one place and that certainly is true for my family.

If all goes according to plan and discussion, my family will be leaving the city to move to the country and I am so ecstatic. This has been my dream for a very long time. I have been yearning for it and wrote many poems to reflect that dream.

Moving to the house next door, if that door had opened, seemed like a safer and logical path to fulfilling our family’s needs for more space, not taking us too far out of our comfort zone. But while waiting for that door to open all the way, God showed us another path. This path is scarier but so much better.

I pray God gives me the courage to walk this new season ahead. I pray He continues to grow our family’s size, spirits, bodies, minds and Godly characters.

Here is a list of some of the things I am excited about doing in our new home (if the door opens all the way)-

New Home Wish List

and so much more

Fat Lady

N.B- In case you didn’t get it – the Fat Lady reference derives from the quote “It ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady sings” and is in no way meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Here is a Building Your Home Wishlist download– What will you do to renew your home or when you move into your new home someday.

Build a Home 2