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Happy Saturday (or whatever today is) and blessings to you. I hope you had a wonderful week. I hope you read a good book, watched a good movie, added something new to your collection, took a great photo, created something spectacular, smiled a lot and just lived a fabulous life.

Of course, we know that all seasons of life aren’t fabulous, sometimes we experience some painful, gut wrenching things or we just have hard, frustrating, draining days. If that is you today, I want to remind you that this is only for a season, no storm last forever, no season for that matter. Eventually, dark clouds subside and the bright, beautiful Son/sun starts shinning through. I want you to find encouragement and love here.

Here at TGI Saturdays you are going to find words and photos written by fellow human beings such as yourself, who have have great times and horrible seasons just like you, they have experienced and learn, they dream, imagine, think and form opinions, just like you. They are using their little space in the blogosphere to let their discoveries, thoughts and experiences be heard. So come join in the community, explore, hear the voices of other children of God, like you, and feel free to share your voice. We’re listening, I promise.

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Check-out my recent life’s adventures (big and small) at last week’s Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell Link-up post and feel free to share your adventures too. Read my eighth installment of my Transitions blog series –Reflections: Where I am Going and Where I’ve Been.


AskLatisha.com is co-running it’s first giveaway. It’s a part of the “Spring Goodies Giveaway-My Favorite Things” organized by SweetHaute.com. It’s hosted by 10 bloggers, and 10 winners will be announced April 30th. Click on any of the blogger’s links below to learn about the various prizes.

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1. Sweet Haute | 2. Love Create Celebrate 3. Suburban Wife, City Life | 4. Gingerly Made


Watch this Youtube video about the giveaway, feel free to share!

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Brace yourself, this week I have stumbled on quite a few blog post, that I enjoyed reading and would love to share. Hope there are things here you find interesting too.


I saw  this post on Pinterest from Life is Poppin about 20 Awesome uses for Magic Erasers, now I had to share this one, because I think magic eraser is an incredibly useful product, that actually works, so if you haven’t used it, you should. I love reading about The Easiest Way to Grow and Harvest Lavender and Top Herbs for Baking, because I love Lavender and really would love to try to grow my own, thank you Faith Filled Food for Moms and I recently found a new love for baking too, so I loved these baking tips from A Day in Candiland.


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Have you ever had a situation where you saw on a post somewhere and something about it caught your attention, maybe the picture or the title or both. So you click on it, read it, enjoy it and just as you were about to move on, you saw another great pic and/or title on that same site that you wanted read (sometimes you find a whole bunch of interesting post and end up spending more time than you planned on that site). That happened to me twice this week. Check out what I found on A Virtuous Woman and Snippets of Inspiration. Lesson here bloggers, taking the time to come up a dynamic title and /or pic for your blog post, is truly worth the effort.


6 House Hunting Tips that will make your Hunt Smooth! offered some terrific tips for anyone on a house hunting mission. Friendship is so important and takes special care, time and effort,  Why Moms Should Cultivate Friendships really gives you alot to think about. I found alot of really interesting post at Snippets of Inspiration, that are really my kind of reads.


is always a favorite blog of mine to visit, it is visually astounding and it has great content for woman with a heart for God (Proverbs 31/virtuous woman ), I really enjoyed these post I found there this week- 10 Virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman and Seasons of Motherhood.

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Gaining Blog Views: Link Parties from Ash and Crafts


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Surrendering the Car from Ready to Be Offered  is a great reflection on how all things work together for the good of those who love God. Despite what we think we need, God knows what we really need, so it is best to trust in Him.

I love breakfast, to me breakfast is the most important meal of the day in more ways than one, breakfast can give your day a good mental, physical & spiritual boost of energy & enthusiasm. Finding a Feel Good Breakfast from Acorn Oak Forest offers great tips and a smoothie recipe to get your day started on a good note.

We Really Really Want Your Kids in Church So… from Mary and Martha’s House, drew my attention, because as a mom of four, wondering if it is worth the exhaustion to carry my kids to church every Sunday is a regular mental debate. This post offers some good advice in managing my kids in church and reminds me that it is important to continue to bring them to church.



And Then, He Shows Up OVER and OVER! from Mix Williams is a wonderful reflection on the way in which God shows His presence daily in His beautiful creation all around us and that we will see Him, if we open our eyes to His beautiful blessings. This post also comes with gorgeous photos and wonderful bible quotes.

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As always I’d like to offer you a thank you for coming party gift- This word search is in honor of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Click the pic below to download.

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